What does it mean to be a member?

Out-N-Fit is not a clique, exclusive club or an “Us only” organization. An ONF member can be anyone, including (and ESPECIALLY) you!

An ONF Member is a person who looks to improve, to grow, and to help others do the same. Not only in our fitness, but in our communities and our every day lives. An ONF Member is there when someone says “I can’t” to remind them that they can. And in those moments of self-doubt, an ONF Member has a whole community of others to help them stand back up when they stumble and fall.   An ONF Member simply becomes and helps others Get Up. Get Out. Get Active.

Membership Types:

Level 1:
General Membership

Guest membership has no financial obligation tied to it. You can still participate in all of the events, have access to member resources, and enjoy the camaraderie that ONF has become infamous for. However, unless you are a paid member, you don’t really have much influence in how things are ran, planned or decided upon in the organization.

Level 2:

Voting membership

Paid membership is $30 annually or if you join in July or after, $15. Paid members are eligible to hold board and other leadership positions, vote on the official business of the organization, act as agents for the organization (to plan and host events), receive membership discounts when they are available but most importantly help shape and mold the future of the organization. The goal of Out-N-Fit is to create and sustain a space for all members of our community to join and build Hampton Roads’ premiere LGBT fitness organization… paid membership is part of that building process.

lt is also important to note, voting membership helps us cover some basic operating costs. As a Voting Member, you are helping ONF move forward to build your community. Additionally, as ONF is a filed non-profit organization, so your contributions will be tax deductible; each member will receive a statement at the end of the year to file with your taxes.

Joggers and Loggers - 2018

Joggers and Loggers - 2018