Jean-Marie Cheney


Potential Board Position:

Vice President: 2 Years


Why do you want to join the board?


In the past year and half since I have joined ONF, I have felt such a sense of comradery and welcoming from the group at a time that I really needed it; I would love to join the board because I want people to have those some feelings that I had. I also want people to know that they have the support of an amazing group behind them on their physical journey, whether they are just starting out or if they are more experienced when it comes to running/working out.

What qualities and abilities do you believe you bring to ONF?

I am curious and analytical; I love to know how things work and why they work the way they do. I am great with numbers and can be quite creative when it comes to ideas for the group, such as fundraising ideas or activities that we can do as a group.

How do you plan to help grow ONF over the next year

I want to create an open and welcoming environment for everyone. I want people to know that they will be welcome no matter where they are in their fitness journey, and that there will always be a group behind them cheering them on. I would also love to partner or do events with some of the other LGBTQA organizations in the area in order to drum up some new interest in the group and to foster strong, lasting relationships throughout the community.