Without the incredible support our community, Out-N-Fit would not have flourished to become what it is today. As we continue to grow and evolve as one of Hampton Road’s Premier Emerging LGBT+ organizations, your continued financial support will assist us in reaching the next level.

While membership dues assist in covering basic overhead, there is still a gap that must be filled. Additionally, Out-N-Fit aims to create fitness, activity and educational opportunities at low to no cost for members but that will not be possible without the continued support and financial assistance from our community. Your giving helps close the gap between member dues/fundraising and new initiatives of the organization — enabling Out-N-Fit to provide the Hampton Roads LGBT+ community with unique, fun, engaging fitness experiences as well as the educational tools needed to achieve and sustain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Your contribution enables us to motivate the community to Get up. Get Out. Get Active.